• India wins over Japan in Hockey Asia Cup
  • Got 3rd Place in Asian Men’s Hockey Cup 2022
  • Indian defenders clinched Bronze Medal

In Jakarta Indonesia- The Indian team beat the Japan team and clinched to win the bronze medal in “Hockey Asia Cup 2022” on Wednesday. Indian champions have failed to get their place in the Finals Hockey Asia Cup 2022 after an exhilarating 4-4 tie in opposition to South Korea but our Indian team has made a world-class performance to win against Japan by 1-0.

This prestigious tournament is a qualifier tournament for next year’s Hockey world cup match. although, the Indian team has already qualified for the world cup in a relationship with the host. India along with other hockey teams Japan, Pakistan, and Indonesia has got their place in Pool-A. And Malaysia, Korea, Oman, and Bangladesh were placed in Pool B.

After that, India with Japan Match, Malaysia, and Korea has selected for the Super-4 stage. the young Indian team has shown that India is sufficient for world-class players who can perform at the upper level.

The prior performance of Birendra lake was enough to overcome Japan in a forestalling game. The Player of the Match award goes to Birendra Lakra for his powerful performance.

Indians, nonetheless, crushed the ice in the 7th minute from a quick reciprocation with Uttam Singh committing all the struggle on the right to put it up for Raj Kumar pal, who neatly bump it past the Japanese goalkeeper Takashi Yoshikawa.

Although, India already defeated Japan in the Super 4 phase by 2-1. Then, they played with Malaysia with a haul of 4-4, and as a result, it’s not qualified for the Finals. But after their previous performance, they defeated Japan remarkably.