Bengaluru Bulls Team 2022:- Auction List, Team Squad, Schedule:- Defending champions pro kabaddi Bengaluru bulls have retained most of the season 7 players for the Pro Kabaddi League 2022 this year. The kind of play that Pawan Sehrawat, Rohit Kumar, and Ashish Sangwan had shown the last time was capable.

All these players are ready to give their hundred percent to the team this year too. Amit was a game-changer for the Bengaluru Bulls for 7 seasons. The team has added all-rounder Sanjay (10 lakh) and Nepal’s Lal Mohammad Yadav (Rs 10 lakh) this year.

Bengaluru Bulls 2022 Team has two legendary players like Pawan Kumar Sehrawat and Rohit Kumar, who have the ability to single-handedly turn the match around.

The team has also maintained its trust in Sumit Malik. The Bengaluru Bulls defeated the Gujarat Fortune Giants 38-33 in the final of last season to capture the league title.

Bengaluru Bulls Full Team Squad

Dream 11 Pro Kabaddi League season 9 is starting and it is time for the task to resume. 40 minutes of non-stop actions and stakes are increased more than ever. From a reversal of captain into the creation of ferocious squads for the coveted trophy, the 9th Season of Pro-Kabaddi is just going to have more exciting from here.

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The Telugu Titans and U Mumba will take on the opening match of the 9th Season of the Pro Kabaddi League at Gachibowli Stadium on Saturday. Defending champion Bengaluru Bulls are also in action on Saturday when they take on three-time champions Patna Pirates.

  1. Rohit Kumar
  2. Pawan Kumar Sehrawat
  3. Ashish Kumar Sangwan
  4. Mahender Singh
  5. Vijay Kumar
  6. Sanjay Shreshtha
  7. Sumit Singh
  8. Lal Mohar Yadav
  9. Sandeep
  10. Raju Lal Choudhary
  11. Vinod Kumar
  12. Aman
  13. Mohit Sehrawat
  14. Banty
  15. Amit Sheoran
  16. Ajay
  17. Ankit

2022 Bengaluru Bull Performance List

Now everyone knows that the Pro Kabaddi League started in India in 2014, was the Bengaluru Bulls team that strong? Let’s know about the Bengaluru Bull Performance List

Season 1 (2014)

Team: Bengaluru Bulls
Position: Fourth

Season 2 (2015)

Team: Bengaluru Bulls
Position: Second

Season 3 (Jan 2016)

Team: Bengaluru Bulls
Position: Seventh

Season 4 (2017)

Team: Bengaluru Bulls
Position: Fourth

Season 5 (2018)

Team: Bengaluru Bulls
Position: First

Bengaluru Bulls Auction 2022 List

Dream 11 Pro Kabaddi Auction List = This time, the Bengaluru Bulls team has spent money openly, look at the Kabaddi team auction list, then the team that spends the most money is Bengaluru Bulls.

But this time money was also spent on new players in the team, in the 2022 Pro Kabaddi League, Bengaluru Bulls have retrenched their 5 players, this time you will get to see many new faces in the team.

It is going to be great to find out who’ll be playing like the first 7 Players on the Bengaluru Bulls Team. Comment your perspectives below what you believe Who’ll Win the Dream 11 Pro Kabaddi League Season 9 Trophy?

Elite Retained Players: Baldev Singh, Maninder Singh

Retained Young Players: Adarsh, Ravindra Kumawat

Sr. No.Player NameTypePrice Paid
01.Rohit KumarRaider₹ 98,00,000
02.Pawan Kumar SehrawatRaider₹ 78,00,000
03.Ashish Kumar Sangwan All Rounder₹ 31,13,000
04.Mahender SinghDefender₹ 80,00,000
05.Vijay KumarDefender₹ 21,25,000
06.Sanjay ShreshthaAll Rounder₹ 10,00,000
07.Sumit SinghRaider₹ 12,50,000
08.Lal Mohar YadavRaider₹ 10,00,000
09.SandeepDefender₹ 10,00,000
10.Raju Lal ChoudharyDefender₹ 10,00,000
11.Vinod KumarRaider₹ 10,00,000
12.AmanDefender₹ 6,00,000
13.Mohit SehrawatDefender₹ 7,26,000
14.BantyRaider₹ 7,26,000
15.Amit SheoranDefender₹ 25,00,000
16.AjayDefender₹ 7,26,000
17.AnkitDefender₹ 7,26,000

Bengaluru Bulls Match Schedule

Bengaluru Bulls Match Schedule: Friends, the whole country is facing an epidemic like Corona – this is an epidemic that is not going to go away so soon. covid 19 keeps in mind Pro Kabaddi league is expected to be play match outside India

Just a few days ago, it is being heard that the Kabaddi league will be played in Sri Lanka but there is no final update yet – so it can be said that the Pro Kabaddi league match will be played in the country. Let’s have a look at Bengaluru Bulls Match Schedule

20-Jul-2022SaturdayBengaluru Bulls vs Patna PiratesGACHIBOWLI INDOOR STADIUM, HYDERABAD19:30 (IST)Bengaluru Bulls won by 2 Points
21-Jul-2022SundayBengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Fortune GiantsGACHIBOWLI INDOOR STADIUM, HYDERABAD20:30 (IST)Gujarat Fortunegiants won by 18 points
28-Jul-2022SundayU Mumba vs Bengaluru BullsDOME@NSCI SVP STADIUM, MUMBA20:30 (IST)Bengaluru Bulls won by 4 Points
3-Aug-2022SaturdayBengal Warriors vs Bengaluru BullsPATLIPUTRA SPORTS COMPLEX, PATNA19:30 (IST)Bengaluru Bulls won by 1 Points
8-Aug-2022ThursdayTelugu Titans vs Bengaluru BullsPATLIPUTRA SPORTS COMPLEX, PATNA19:30 (IST)Bengaluru Bulls won by 21 Points
11-Aug-2022SundayBengaluru Bulls vs Haryana SteelersTHE ARENA BY TRANSSTADIA, AHMEDABAD19:30 (IST)Haryana Steelers won by 3 points
12-Aug-2022MondayUP Yoddha vs Bengaluru BullsTHE ARENA BY TRANSSTADIA, AHMEDABAD19:30 (IST)UP Yoddha won by 2 points
17-Aug-2022SaturdayTamil Thalaivas vs Bengaluru BullsJAWAHARLAL NEHRU INDOOR STADIUM, CHENNAI19:30 (IST)Bengaluru Bulls won by 11 Points
21-Aug-2022WednesdayPuneri Paltan vs Bengaluru BullsJAWAHARLAL NEHRU INDOOR STADIUM, CHENNAI20:30 (IST)Puneri Paltan won by 8 points
24-Aug-2022SaturdayDabang Delhi vs Bengaluru BullsTHYAGARAJ SPORTS COMPLEX, DELHI19:30 (IST)Dabang Delhi won by 2 points
25-Aug-2022SundayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru BullsTHYAGARAJ SPORTS COMPLEX, DELHI19:30 (IST)Bengaluru Bulls won by 11 Points
31-Aug-2022SaturdayBengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Fortune GiantsSREE KANTEERAVA STADIUM, BENGALURU20:30 (IST)Gujarat Fortune Giants won by 9 points
1-Sep-2022SundayBengaluru Bulls vs Tamil ThaliavasSREE KANTEERAVA STADIUM, BENGALURU20:30 (IST)Bengaluru Bulls won by 6 Points
4-Sep-2022WednesdayBengaluru Bulls vs Patna PiratesSREE KANTEERAVA STADIUM, BENGALURU20:30 (IST)Bengaluru Bulls won by 1 Points
6-Sep-2022FridayBengaluru Bulls vs Telugu TitansSREE KANTEERAVA STADIUM, BENGALURU20:30 (IST)Bengaluru Bulls won by 1 Points
12-Sep-2022FridayBengal Warriors vs Bengaluru BullsNETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE INDOOR STADIUM, KOLKATA20:30 (IST)Bengal Warriors won by 2 Points
20-Sep-2022FridayPuneri Paltan vs Bengaluru BullsSHREE SHIV CHHATRAPATI SPORTS COMPLEX, PUNE20:30 (IST)To be decided
23-Sep-2022MondayDabang Delhi vs Bengaluru BullsSAWAI MANSINGH STADIUM, JAIPUR19:30 (IST)To be decided
27-Sep-2022FridayU Mumba vs Bengaluru BullsSAWAI MANSINGH STADIUM, JAIPUR19:30 (IST)To be decided
2-Oct-2022WednesdayHaryana Steelers vs Bengaluru BullsTAU DEVILAL SPORTS COMPLEX, PANCHKULA20:30 (IST)To be decided
4-Oct-2022FridayJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru BullsTAU DEVILAL SPORTS COMPLEX, PANCHKULA20:30 (IST)To be decided
11-Oct-2022FridayUP Yoddha vs Bengaluru BullsSHAHEED VIJAY SINGH PATHIK SPORTS COMPLEX, GREATER NOIDA20:30 (IST)To be decided


Who is the owner of Bengaluru bulls.?

Kosmik Global Media

Bengaluru Bulls vs up yodha who won.?

2021 Pro Kabaddi Both Teams are strong

Bengaluru bulls captain Name.?

Rohit Kumar

Bengaluru Bulls Coach Name.?

Randhir Singh